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Unsure on procedures for significant life events?

Advice On Procedures and Strategies

For situations like divorce procedures, bankruptcy matters, probate cases and related proceedings – I will provide guidance and the required steps to move the process forward.

Below are some of the most common FAQ I receive with regards to DIVORCE:

Interim Judgement – to be eligible to market the flat in the open market.

Certificate of final judgement – to be required upon the completion of the sale.

Depending on the court order that has been endorsed by the court and agreed by both parties. Usually the CPF property withdrawal will be returned to individual CPF upon the completion of the sale of the property, however there are also some cases under special circumstances, there might be a transfer of CPF monies from one party to the other.

If one party refuses to sell, and provided that the matrimonial flat has to be sold in the open market, then the other party may appeal to the court to show cause and justifications and to get the registrar to represent that party who is unwilling to sell and to execute the sale.

There is no right or wrong to market the matrimonial property at any point in time. However, it is advisable to have the order of court in hand before you execute the marketing – this is to ensure the distribution of the assets are spell out in proper and to avoid any disputes arise in the future, which may cause unnecessary delay in the process.

There are 2 very important things to take note when handling  divorce cases:

  1. Do inspect the court order and divorce documents to ensure that the validity of the court order for the property to be sold in the open market is still valid.
  2. Do check whether the sale of the property is a positive or negative sale. If it is a negative sale and both parties are affected then its fine to proceed. However, in the event if based on the court order and only one party is affected due to negative sale, then you may need to apply to the court to amend the court order. Do seek your lawyer to advise you on the details.
Unsure on procedures for significant life events?

Advice On Probate Cases

In the event of death of a loved one – depending on the decease left behind a will or without a will. In situation where there is no will, then a letter of Adminstration (GLA) will be applied and if there is a will, a Grant of Probate will have to be applied.

In the event of a demise of a HDB owner, the flat cannot be immediately be inherited or to be sold in the open market. A series of legal process has to be carried out before the property asset can be transferred or sold.

Below are some of the most common FAQ I receive with regards to Probate cases:

looking to assess your affordability or investment choices?

Financial Planning & Assessment

If you have plans to buy or sell a property but are unsure on whether is it the best choice for you – I can provide my perspective from my 15 years of experience. 

Whether selling or buying or decoupling and investing – you can read my thoughts at PropertyAdvisors.sg.

planning to sell your existing property?

Marketing Your Unit

This includes helping you with home staging, photo-taking, virtual tours and videography. 

All these efforts will be designed to attract the best offers to tap into the emotional buying process.

getting a wider reach for your property listing

Property Portals & Platforms

If you make the decision to sell your property, you will want to secure the best price possible within a certain time frame. We will place your listings in various popular platforms like PropertyGuru, 99.co, EdgeProp, SRX, FB or even Youtube.

With these portals – we will be able to reach out to a larger audience and attract a pool of ready prospective buyers.

Request for a free 8-min assessment phone call.


Joseph Tan

Your Trusted Property Advisor
Past transactions

Case Studies of Past Listings

Over the years, we have built up a library of past transactions and property videos completed. You can check out some of them below. 

Visit my SG Homez Properties Youtube channel to see our series of past videos of properties for sale and educational videos.

Landed Property

This landed 99 year leasehold property at Riverina Crescent was transacted in July 2019. I managed to secure a buyer amidst a stiff competition within that estate


This 5-room HDB at Fernvale Ridge was sold in 1 viewing! I managed to secure a price of $565K which is our asking price!!

Private Condo

This 3-bedder unit at Riverparc Residences was sold back in Sep 2019. This is my repeated client who has engaged my service twice!